Last Tuesday was a big day for us at the Raford Inn; we bottled our 2008 Zinfandel! We had a great harvest that year.

After all the beautiful grapes were harvested, crushed, pressed, and aged for two years, we finally got to bottle. Just in time for to give our wonderful friends for Christmas too!

Bruce and Linda Hagan were generous enough let us use their bottling equipment to make efficient and clean work of the process. We also had many volunteers to get the job done. Sarah, who is our marketing consultant, and two of our innkeepers, Kristen and Angela. Here we all are getting the bottling party started!

First a barrel is loaded onto the lifter and the wine is siphoned out by the bottle filler.

After the bottle is filled it gets loaded onto the corking machine. A cork is loaded into the top and as it gets guided into the bottle the cork gets compressed and, viola!–the bottle is ready to be put in the case where it will age again for at least a year (yeah, right).

After about an hour and a half, we had 24 full cases of Raford 2008 Zinfandel to hand out to our family and friends!

It may seem a little goofy, but we are excited and passionate about our award-winning 2008 Zinfandel!

Please come and visit us here at the Raford Inn and we would be happy to tell you all about our adventures in wine making during our wine and cheese reception at 5:30 nightly. Make your reservation today!

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