Our friend and neighbor from over the river and through the woods, Amber Moshin, took some beautiful pictures of the Raford Inn‘s Christmas lights lit up at night. As you know, getting plain photos of lights at night is no easy task. Amber came out and took great photos of the inn with an extended exposure and they came out great. Did we also mention that Amber is our good friend from Moshin Vineyards? More on that later… here are the pictures:

This is the only picture with our regal palm trees. In owner Rita’s opinion, it is quite elegant. Don’t you agree?

In this picture you can see the serenity of Christmas at the inn and hopefully the feeling of warmth coming from within it. Can you see our tree in the window on the left? Eat your heart out Norman Rockwell!

Here at the Raford Inn, we hope our little place on the hill is a beacon of love and peace for you and your family this holiday season. Please come and stay with us or stop by for a cup of cheer and say “Merry Christmas!”

Thanks again, to Amber from Moshin Vineyards, who are wonderful friends of the Raford Inn. Moshin always offers our guests a free tasting and a warm reception in their tasting room. If you drive by the inn to say “Merry Christmas,” you might as well stop by Moshin too!

Please visit our website today and take advantage of our Wonderful Winter Special!

Everyone here at the Raford Inn wish you and your family a very, Merry Holiday with love from, Dane, Rita, Kristen, Tawny, Angela, and Sonoma da Cat!

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