Our gardener Mathew hard at work!

This is the most beautiful time in Sonoma County as the gardens start to sprout with beautiful spring flowers and fruits. You can almost feel the abundance of love coming from the local bees and green thumbs who have been painstakingly working to provide us with the such bounty. Our own gardeners Mathew and Anthony have worked hard the past few weeks to prune the roses, weed the planter boxes and spruce up the property. So far, they’ve added seven tomato plants, squash, peppers, herbs, melons and eggplant!

We are also getting ready for the annual Resorts in Bloom event that occurs June 8 – 10th to raise money for West County Health Center clinics.  During this time, all are invited to discover and experience the beautiful gardens, accommodations, and properties throughout western Sonoma County. The official tour offers exclusive access to eight of the most spectacular properties that western Sonoma county has to offer. Here at The Raford Inn, we will be ready to warmly welcome all locals and visitors to our Inn to share our beautiful gardens and hospitality with you and support a great local cause!

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