Throughout all of our efforts to be “greener,” sustainable, and eco-friendly, we are constantly striving to do all that we can to reduce our waste, consumption, and promote growth on our property and in our community.

Here at he Raford, we commit ourselves everyday to the following:
- Recycling program
- Limit disposable plastics to none!
- Filtered water
- Bulk amenity dispensers
- Buy locally grown produce, especially from the local junior college, SRJC’s Shone Farm stand
- Our own organically grown garden that  provides for us every morning!
- Low flow shower/ sink/toilets
- Energy efficient appliances
-Non-toxic cleaning products

We also recently provided lodging and breakfast for the very first Eco Odyssey Tour that launched an extensive journey without any gasoline powered vehicles to raise public interest and support for alternative transportation. Their journey included biking, kayaking, utilizing trains, trails, electric car charging stations, bike paths, equestrian trails and of course, friendly lodging along the way! We were proud to support them in their endeavor to promote a greener way of life and to remind us of the alternative ways people can travel. We are an avid supporter of the creative, and often, more exciting means of transportation! And remember, no matter what way you get around, you’ll always have a place to rest your feet and enjoy the view of the beautiful Russian River Valley here at the Raford!

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