On Saturday, the Raford Inn hosted it’s annual Holiday Gala. It was so much fun! We had carolers, fresh baked cookies, and tons of yummy snacks courtesy of our guests.

To prepare for the party, Kristen, our house manager, spent much of Friday making a cute gingerbread house that the kids could munch on during the party–and munch they did!

We also spent many days leading up to the party decorating. Dane put the lights up outside and around the inn. It is no easy task to decorate a three-story, six-room Victorian with icicle lights!  We also decorated the tree complete with a popcorn-cranberry garland and Santa train! Many people enjoyed the tree and watching the children play with the train during the party.

After the wonderful performances by the carolers, we had a white elephant gift exchange. There was quite the mix of nice gifts and gag gifts.  Rita ended up with a cheap box-o-wine and Dane got a 40 0z bottle of Budweiser. It was so funny to watch people try to sell others on their tacky gifts.

Click here to hear our awesome carolers sing, Joy to the World:

Raford Carolers

The night ended in well-wishes and hugs. It was truly a magical evening at a truly magical place!

Come and have your own magical holiday memories at the Raford Inn!

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