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Meyer lemons, that is. What do you make? Lemonade, of course. We have a large mature Meyer lemon tree on the property. With so much frost lately, we had to harvest all the lemons at once, or risk losing them. We filled 3 large boxes with over 300 lemons. Our Innkeepers have been busy finding new and creative ways to use the lemons. Besides freezing the juice to be used in lemonade and iced tea all next summer, we have made Limoncello from an old Italian recipe, lemon curd in the English tradition, lemon squares, and lemon poppy seed muffins and scones for our wonderful breakfasts. And we can’t forget the candied lemon peels, a very yummy treat! Any other ideas? We would love to hear them. If you come to visit in the near future, we would be happy to send some home with you to enjoy.2014-01-25 00.26.25

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