Hard work has never tasted so good! Cheers!

In an exciting event that brought our family and friends up close and personal with bottles, corks, and our very own Zinfandel wine, our annual Raford Zin bottling day was a huge success with over 25 cases of wine produced!

We first made sure to start off with wine glasses in hand while we prepared our siphon and other equipment to properly transport the wine into their eagerly awaiting bottles.

The next step  included filling the bottles, by siphoning the wine from the oak barrel, then adding a splash of Argon, a gas that takes the place of oxygen, in the bottle to protect the wine’s flavor. After the bottles were filled, the many hands on deck used their muscles, as well as the help of a corker machine, to put the finishing touches to our bottles. Overall, the Raford’s very own vineyards produced a total of 60 gallons of wine and lots of fun for the whole Raford team!

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